Shannon Keckhafer from Rochester won $80 on a scratch ticket and decided to use some of the winnings to buy a 'Big Money' ticket. She ended up winning a lot more.

“I sat in my car scratching the ticket with a dime - my favorite thing to scratch with - and won $500 on a bonus spot. I thought, ‘Cool! I won $500.’ Then I won another $500, and a couple of $5,000s and thought we may need to go to Owatonna to claim this prize,” Keckhafer explained.

She ended up matching 15 symbols and winning $50,000.

She immediately made the 85-mile trip to Roseville with her husband and daughter. Checking and rechecking the ticket over and over as they drove. She says she probably checked the symbols 40 times.

She purchased the winning ticket at the Holiday Station Store at 1851 Assisi Drive N.W. in Rochester.