A Rochester woman has been charged with causing serious injuries to her infant daughter.

A third degree assault charge has been filed against 26 year old Andrea Meskill, who took the 24 day old baby girl to see a doctor August 13th because she had been screaming. Xrays showed several rib fractures and a scan also found a laceration in the baby’s liver.

A police investigator met with Meskill the next day to discuss the injuries. Meskill initially said she wasn’t sure how her daughter was injured. She later said she became upset after tripping over her dog and grabbed her daughter “ around the chest with both of her hands and put her down hard in her bassinet. “ She said she did not shake the baby but admitted she had been “ rough “ and that she may have “ squeezed her hard “ when she put her hands about her chest.

She has been ordered to make her first court appearance next month. The criminal complaint indicates Meskill has an older daughter.

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