Perhaps you've heard me mention this teacher before - I've written about him every year for the past 3 years. Why? Because he deserves to know that what he does for his students does not go unnoticed. I think it's amazing! He's one of those teachers that you never forget. One of those teachers that really goes out of his way to make sure you had the best school year ever. And this year, Mr. Rester is at it again, despite the shutdown. And what he's doing is beyond awesome!

Over the next 30 days, not only will he will be hand delivering pizza to every one of his students, but he actually plans on sitting down and having a pizza picnic with each of them! He's calling it 30/30/30 - 30 pizzas in 30 days to his 30 Bamber Valley 5th Graders. Tell me that's not incredible? But wait, there's more. I actually heard about Mr. Rester's 30/30/30 pizza delivery from a former student. She asked her mom to email me and let me know what he's doing. Her words, “people need to hear about things like this right now. Don’t you think?” Yes, sweet girl, they absolutely do!

mr resters class

Last year, I was part of Mr. Rester's end-of-the-year surprise. I visited the kiddos and even got to take my own "Mr. Rester's Marvel-ous Class" shirt home. Shoutout to Mr. Rester for getting the "Rochester's Best Elementary Teacher" award again this year, at least in my eyes, and obviously many of his students as well. Bravo, dude!

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