Last Saturday night, Rochester Downtown put on a party behind Cafe Steam and Canvas & Chardonnay. They call it The Cove, and Rochester's amazing funk band, KnuFunk played the event, but first, they performed live on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show.

And they blew it out of the park! Click HERE to follow KnuFunk on Facebook so you'll know when you can get your hands on the single (recorded, mixed at RCTC by students and faculty).

There's nothing quite like an on-air performance. As the host of the show, it is an incredible energy boost...but also chaotic, confusing, and, suddenly, awesome. The minute the song starts, they're in it (just watch 'em). Like any live performance at this level of talent, the chaos is part of the magic.

Special thanks to Doug Porter for lining it all up and to Karli McElroy for being the incredible party planning place-maker she,  thanks for joining in the chaos, Will Forsman.


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Do you remember the last time KnuFunk was on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show? It was Christmas!


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