I know some people will say, "You don't even like country, what do you care?" I care because I can't believe how mean people are being about the way a guy looks! Knock it off, Dough-Heads!

There are a ton with so many cuss words I couldn't possibly share 'em here. A kid sees that and they'll have nightmares.

The basic deal is this. Cut it out. Ripping on the way someone looks is just about as basic bully as you can get. And yeah, I know a  lot of people think he's a total jerk-head-crap-face (relationships, turtles, and Lord knows what else), but I'm not talking about not liking a person for who they are.

I'm talking about bagging on someone for the way they LOOK.

I'll bet Bake Shelton doesn't give two poops about what you and I say, but there are people around you that DO care what you say. Little people, growing up into big people. Kids. They soak up what we do and say. And if you'r'e trying to teach them to be kind and compassionate adults, you best not let them see or hear you rip on someone for the way they look and then laugh.

And if you're like me, and don't have kids...there are kids all around us. Watching and listening to us, too.

C'mon. We can do better. We have to do better. Because we're the only us we have. We sink or swim together.


Thanksgiving is almost here...what're you hungry for? 

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