It's almost Halloween and at the Rochester Women's Fall Expo, I was asked if I had any Halloween pictures left from the old Rookies days. I said yes! 

Every Wednesday, from 9 - 2AM, Rookies Ladies Night was THE thing in Rochester. For a while, Tracy McCray hosted it, then I took over, and it turned into a 10 year gig of fun, volume, and a touch of inapropro. Or a LOT of inapropro.

I could only find one Halloween picture, but I found a lot more non-Halloween stuff, these are some of the more appropriate pics. If you like 'em, I can share more.

Every week I took pictures. Before digital, it was a disposable camera, and I had so many photo albums. Then, the station got it's first Sony Mavica, and with amazing 1.3 megapixel quality, all the pictures went up on

It all ended for me in 2007, when I moved to Fargo, but I'll never forget the fun, the angry/jealous boyfriends (tip to these guys...I was never after your dates, they just wanted to laugh and have a good time), and the friends I made.

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