The Rochester City Jazz Festival runs today, Friday the 8th, thru Sunday...and includes an amazing Saturday event for the whole family.  (Photo credit HERE)

On Saturday at Gray Duck Theater & Coffeehouse a Charlie Chaplain silent movie will meet up with the great H30 Jazz Trio!

The H30 Jazz Trio will perform a set of music starting at 1 p.m. and then they will provide a live, one-of-a-kind jazz sound track for two silent Chaplin movies: “The Champion” and “The New Janitor.”

Tickets are only $15, click HERE to buy 'em.

I especially recommend this for anyone that's deaf or hard of hearing. I've seen children watch silent movies and react as if the movie was made just for them. Until that moment, they never imagined they could have a place in movies.

Click image for link to YouTube video.
Click image for link to YouTube video.

Silent movies used to be hugely popular with the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, but as the silent era ended, those that couldn't hear were once again cut out of the loop (source).

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