In a news release sent out yesterday afternoon, the Minnesota DNR announced that the youngest Eaglet in the 2020 EagleCam nest appears to have died. The release states that this happens as the "competition for food" is "fierce" in the nest among the young birds. 

The Minnesota DNR went on to state in their news release that they "have taken note that there has been a lack of substantial food deliveries by the parents. There is fierce competition with other wildlife and between other adult eagles for available food sources. While our camera does not capture what is happening on the ground or in the skies surrounding the nest, it would appear that food is scarce. We do know there are many eagles in this area. This pair is new to parenting, and may not be skilled enough to handle three extra mouths to feed (in addition to their own). Lack of automobile traffic near the nest is producing fewer road-killed animals as well." 

As a result of the youngest eaglet dying, the other two birds have a better chance at surviving as the food the adult eagles bring back only has to be split two ways rather than three so each remaining bird would have more food to eat.

You can take a peek at the nest with the remaining eaglets in it by heading to, or by clicking here. The EagleCam is operated by donations to the Nongame Wildlife Fund.

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