In a recent Facebook post, the Dodge County Sheriff's Department warned us about scams that usually follow a storm. People ready to rip you to make some money from your mistery.


We are getting a number of phone calls about people receiving phone calls and people at their door offering estimate for repairs for storm damage. Make sure you talk to your insurance company and have them come out and do their estimate before you make any commitments or start any cleanup

Please don't make any down-payments!

While some of the people we are getting calls on seem to be from legitimate companies - some of these companies are also showing terrible reviews and ratings online - multiple complaints from customers.

We always suggest trying to work with local contractors for repairs as well - support our local community businesses and know the people you are dealing with. Your insurance provider may have suggestions on contractors as well.

There's some great advice there, especially calling yoru insurance company for suggestions. There are a lot of legit contractors. They'll cost you more, but that's better than being left with a few supplies tossed in your yards and the 'repair crew' hightailing it outta town.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau for local contractor ratings. Just click HERE.

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