If you woke up to a chainsaw around your neck you'd freak out, right? That's what this guy did. And his freak out is huge! Notice that his friend took the chain off the saw, so the guy wasn't in any real danger, except maybe from a heart attack. I've mentioned before how much I hate "scare you" or "freak you out" pranks. This is a perfect example.

Now, I'm not saying they don't get to prank each other, and maybe they do this kinda stuff to each other all the time and love it. Who knows, right? But an FY and I to my friends... if you pull a prank like this, Ima go ahead and assume you hate me and just don't know how to tell me.

Seriously, it's right up there with taking food off my plate without asking. Take my food and one day you may find yourself playing softball for Satan's softball team.