Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Rochester School Board has yet to make any decisions, but will continue its discussions about expanding the use of the 45-15 year-round schedule at a meeting in April.

Superintendent Michael Munoz says his staff will be preparing two presentations for the school board. One will involve implementing a pilot program during the next school year that would establish a “school within a school” at Willow Creek Middle School, allowing students who attended Longfellow Elementary School to continue attending class on the 45-15 schedule while other Willow Creek classes would operate under the traditional school calendar.

A second presentation will explore the possibility of converting one of the city’ middle schools to the 45-15 schedule and expanding it to a number of elementary schools in addition to Longfellow to develop a “feeder system” of students attending school on the year-round schedule.

There was also some discussion by school board members of implementing the 45-15 schedule at one of Rochester’s high schools, but Munoz says some significant conflicts would need to be resolved. At the top of the list, he pointed to the new C-Tech program, which will be used by students from all three high schools.