I think this is absolutely commendable. A school bus driver was worried about the kids on her route freezing in the -35 degree temp, so when the bus broke down, she got into her SUV and picked them up!  However, she was fired!!!? 

It happened February 12th in Calgary. 20 minutes delayed from attempting to start it, she began to worry about the children getting frostbite, and opted to jump in her own SUV and collect them. She had a history with the children, and had known them since kindergarten.

The company fired her, because they claim, it was against policy. Many parents in the district have urged them to re-hire her for standing up for the kids and going above and beyond her, 'call of duty.'   As a parent myself, I would be on her side for sure!  I do understand that companies need polices and rules, regulations, but, sometimes circumstances may demand attention, and I'd rather have a compassionate, understanding person driving my child than one who doesn't stop to consider what it would be like for them standing out in the cold.  What do you think?

Read More on this story here: [Edmongton Sun] 

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