A Southeastern Minnesota man has the chance to win a $1,000,000 and become what the Minnesota Lottery is calling the first millionaire of 2020. Scott Clarksean of Dakota, located in Winona County, was selected in an October 10th drawing that is sending him to New York Cities Times Square on New Year's Eve with a chance to win a million dollars. 

For those that played the Powerball with the Minnesota State Lottery from September 3 - 30, received a voucher number on top of their ticket. The trick was you had to go online and enter that voucher number on the mnlottery.com website by October 8th to be qualified to win $1,000,000 in Times Square after the clock strikes midnight on Jan 1, 2020.

Scott and another 249 people selected from other state lotteries across the US are flown to New York with a guest to enjoy the Dick Clark New Year's Eve Celebration. The Minnesota Lottery is sending 10 people all together to Times Square, although Scott is the only one from our area going. The other Minnesotans with a chance at a million dollars to start 2020 are:

  • Adam White of St. Paul
  • Crystal Duke of St. Paul
  • Huy Nguyen of Brooklyn Park
  • Louann Sjogren of Elk River
  • Michael Burth of North Branch
  • Robert Fitzgerald of St. Paul
  • Robert Mcmenoman of Savage
  • Steven Lonning of East Bethel
  • Sydney Buss of White Bear Lake

Scott told the Minnesota Lottery when he got the call to let him know that he won that he "was somewhat skeptical, as I didn’t’ even realize this was the prize I thought I was entering to win Vikings tickets."

Best of luck to Scott and the other Minnesotans on New Year's Eve. Even if they don't walk away a millionaire, they got to be in Times Square for the ball drop on New Year's Eve, which in itself is pretty cool.

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