The "Budweiser Condo" was originally listed for $110,000 back in August, but the price dropped to $100,000 in September and an offer is currently pending. The property's real-estate agent, Kristen Kearney, said when Anheuser-Busch saw the listing they shared it to the official Budweiser Facebook page which resulted in a "flood of interest in the property."

Now it looks like an average condo from the outside but the moment you step inside you realize it's anything but. The condo, located in Florida, is a shrine to Budweiser with each room, except the two bathrooms, wallpapered from floor to ceiling with Bud cans. Kearney told the owner who passed away was a lifelong Budweiser fan, "It was his life’s mission to wallpaper his home in beer cans -- and he did it.”

Check out the pictures below and pay attention to the dedication this man put into decorating his house - this is nothing like the beer can pyramid from your college days. The dude created crown molding with the cans!  It's not known how many cans were used to decorate the condo or exactly how long it took the guy to drink all of those beers.


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