At Thursdays On First & Third this week, you'll have the opportunity to see an up-and-coming indie/folk family band called The Hunts. They'll be performing at 5pm this Thursday on the Bremer Bank First Avenue Stage.

This talented group of siblings from Chesapeake, Virginia range in age from 17 to 25. There's five boys: Josh, Jonathon, Jordan, Justin and Jamison along with twin sisters Jenni and Jessi. They all learned to sing and play violin as young kids performing throughout their community. As they got older, they started playing at theaters and festivals around the country. And this Thursday they'll be in Rochester.

The Hunts expanded their musical boundaries by teaching themselves to play instruments like the mandolin, piano, ukulele, banjo and drums. They also began to write their own songs. 'Those Younger Days' is The Hunts' full-length debut album for Cherrytree Records.

If you're a fan of groups like The Lumineers or Of Monsters and Men, you should definitely check out The Hunts during this week's Thursdays on First & Third in Rochester. One day when they become a big household name, you'll be able to say you once saw them at a free outdoor concert in Rochester.

You can find out more about this talented musical family, by visiting their website