These are scenes from an episode of Friends (The One Where Rachel Tells) that were cut because it was going to air close to 9/11 and the network thought it'd be insensitive to air 'em (Chandler and Monica get in trouble with airport security for joking about a yeah, I can see them thinking that).

Here's the thing,'s been up on the youtubes since 2007, but some websites are treating it like it's brand new. And, I guess, since I didn't know about it, I can say it IS me!  After you watch it, scroll down past the video for some James Rabe Friends Trivia!

James Rabe Friends Trivia #123,345b - I have seen only one entire Friends episode. The One with the Birth Mother. That's it. And I saw it because the woman I was seeing thought it was high-larious that I didn't share food (which isn't quite accurate...I just hate it when people take food from my plate...ask first, don't just take...or you might get a fork in the back of your hand).