Social Ice 2016 got under way Thursday night. It was cold, it was wet, and it was awesome! Check out the video and the pictures!

If you haven't been to Social Ice 2016 please go! Y-105 is proud to be a media sponsor of this chilly and fun event in Rochester's Peace Plaza.

The warm weather might have messed with the ice a bit, but the people there? Still having a blast. The DJ was solid, keeping everyone pumped up, the bars and restaurateurs really brought it theme-wise. I played a little game and tried to guess who they were before. Some were really easy, like Peanuts or The Avengers. Others were a little tougher. But all of 'em were well done.

When you come down, bundle up. Sure, it's warmer than usual, but it's still winter for great corns sake (I love that saying)!