Minnehaha Regional Park is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Close to one million people visit the park each year to see the incredible 53' waterfall, hike, bike, and cool off during the summer in the wading pools. The park is beautiful in the summer and even more stunning during the winter months.

The park has over 2 miles of walking/hiking/biking trails so don't forget good boots when you visit. (Be careful - Most of the pathways weren't cleared when I was there.) The pictures below show the incredible frozen waterfall, but you can't fully grasp the beauty until you see it with your own eyes.

Seeing Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis Needs To Be On Your Winter Bucket List

The name Minnehaha comes Dakota language and means waterfall

jackson simmer on unsplash
jackson simmer on unsplash

No Trespassing at Minnehaha Falls Park

For safety reasons, the public is prohibited from walking down to the waterfall. These images are from professional photographers who received permission. Don't worry though, you can still get some incredible views and awesome pics for Instagram from safe, secure spots above.

Where is Minnehaha Falls Park?

Minnehaha Regional Park is located at 4801 S Minnehaha Drive in Minneapolis. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes from Rochester and is definitely worth the drive. There are metered parking lots on site - It costs a few bucks to park for a couple of hours.

The city of Minneapolis purchased Minnehaha Falls Park in 1889 making it one of the first state parks in the country.



If you are planning a visit please respect the rules and do not enter prohibited areas. Doing so could lead to a ticket for trespassing or could result in serious injury. Keep scrolling to learn about another amazing frozen attraction in Minnesota - The Ice Castles!

Minnesota’s Breathtaking Frozen Attraction Is 1 of Only 5 In All of North America

It started as a backyard project by a cool dad and has grown to be one of the most amazing winter attractions.


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