Selfies are everywhere these days! A company is offering you the ability to put your image on toast.  You could technically put anything you want on your toast.  It's a tad spendy however, would you pay $ 75 for an image of yourself in your toast? I wonder if these end up on Ebay what the cost would be?

So they will send you the toaster, with an image on the front, and it can be from whatever high resolution photo you chose to send them. They have a selection that makes some pre-made things too, like Edgar Allen Poe, a peace sign, the virgin Mary and Jesus. The company is called 'Burnt Impressions,' and if you would like to see it for yourself, click here. 

The only problem is, it's not really a instant selfie.  You'd have to snap the pic, wait for your special toaster to be created, and then ... quite some time later, your selfie is toasted, but it's the same one unless you pay another $75.