Fans of the Youtube Sensation Larry Enticer should know the term Send It! but that is what ran through my mind when I saw a photo that MnDOT shared with a group in Southern Minnesota, that shows a buckled portion of Highway 14 near Waseca. While it's a humorous thought, it's not a safe thing to do, and buckling roads are a danger in Minnesota during runs of extremely hot weather.

Image Credit: Minnesota Department of Transportation
Image Credit: Minnesota Department of Transportation

The post from MnDOT in the online social media group, MnDOT | South Central Minnesota advised drivers yesterday that a portion of Highway 14 on the exit ramp onto Highway 13 South of Waseca was buckled up, and that drivers should use alternative routes and to avoid that area until a repair could be made.

Road buckling isn't uncommon in Minnesota, over the last several years buckling roads have occurred across the state along various roads. But what is causing the road to buckle upwards?

According to MnDOT's website:

Pavement buckles can occur when the air temperature changes from moderate to extreme heat. When a road is constructed it is cut into segments creating a space for expansion and contraction. Sometimes that space is not enough and when that happens the pavement buckles or blows up, particularly when the pavement is older and weaker. The warmer the temperature the more the pavement material expands. The sun heats the pavement, and the pavement expands and then buckles. Buckles more commonly occur on older concrete pavements.

If you do encounter a portion of buckled road you should contact MnDOT and call 9-1-1 as the buckling is a hazard that could lead to a serious crash or cause extreme damage to your vehicle if you hit it going freeway or highway speeds.

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