I wish I had better news for the up-late crowd, but this is awesome news for the "love to fall asleep listening to the rain" peeps.

We could see *TWO* rounds of storms - one late this afternoon into the evening, and another overnight.

First threat is storms approaching from the west this afternoon and the potential for damaging wind, especially across parts of southeast Minnesota into northeast Iowa..

They still aren't sure how the storms will track, but they will be heavy!

Thursdays on First

The best news is that, as it stands, the worst rain is tonight, some tomorrow morning, and then some more tomorrow night around midnight...but NOT during Thursdays on First and Third (it's our night there!)

I'll be out there looking for you to help me make Tracy McCray laugh by saying FLORIDA! for me. Shouting it, whispering it, being goofy...but say it on camera, and you could make the recap video for our the NEW Y-105FM youtubes channel.


Getty Images/Cultura RM

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