It seems that we do a lot of stories on crashes on Highway 14. It's a dangerous road as it is, but driving distracted on Highway 14 is not only MORE dangerous, it's also illegal. On Monday there was another vehicle crash on Highway 14, this one involved a driver from Farimont and a woman from Owatonna. That woman from Owatonna was Steele County Sheriff Lon Thiele's wife Brooke. He posted a picture of what's left of her vehicle to social media yesterday and shared, in my opinion, some powerful words.

The post reads:

"Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from my wife.

When I answered the phone you could tell there was something wrong by the trembling of her voice. My wife was returning home after a day of work in Rochester.

Unfortunately, Highway 14 is a road full of statistics. My wife, almost became another one.

While she was stopped waiting for a car to turn into a driveway she was hit from behind.

The driver that caused this crash wasn't paying attention due to reading a text. The photo is what was left of my wife's Ford Edge.

She was transported back to Rochester with several injuries. She is home now and in a lot of pain caused by some person that couldn't wait to read a text.

If my girls would have been in the back seat they wouldn't be with us today.

Thank you to all law enforcement and rescue personnel that assisted my wife at a very scary moment.

While on the road, put the phone down. Hands Free saves lives.

Please be safe everyone."

Powerful words, and a powerful picture.

Put the phone down and drive.

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