I've gotta admit, it's been awhile since I've been "clubbing".  But back in the day I do remember seeing women exiting a night club with their high heels in hand, walking barefoot.

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Let's face it, no woman wants to be barefoot on a dirty sidewalk after dancing for hours in heels.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal, the days of the barefoot walk home are on their way out.  Shoe vending machines are springing up outside nightclubs in Vegas . . . and soon enough, they'll be in more cities around the U.S.

For $20, you get a pair of very basic, flat shoes . . . plus a pouch to put your heels in.

The company behind the vending machines is called Rollasole USA . . . and it was created by a 27-year-old woman named Ashley Ross who lives in Las Vegas.

She came up with the idea to sell the shoes in vending machines outside of clubs because she kept seeing women carrying their heels and, quote, "Going barefoot [in Vegas] isn't a great option."