How can a short guy find love?

Cathy and Dave

A new Duke University study found that for every inch under 5'10" a guy has to earn $30,000 more a year to appear attractive to women in the dating market. The downside to that is that, no pun intended, is that shorter men make $4,000 less than tall men.

So, if you are a shorter and heavier guy, you have to work harder to make more to be seen as attractive by women.

The study found that this bias isn't just in dating. Both men and women that are shorter and heavier tend to make less than those that are taller and thinner. Both men and women that are taller and thinner tend to be paid more and promoted more often.

So, the old cliche is true, not just in dating. Women and employers tend to look more for "tall, dark and handsome".

What about you? I'm a little taller than my wife. Are you taller than your partner? Is height a big deal - or tall order - for you?