I can't stand it when I see someone burning the American flag. Personally, I think it SHOULD be a punishable offense but what do you think? I saw on CNN, a story about how Trump tweeted about making it a crime to burn the American flag. Punishable in 2 ways:

  • Loss of citizenship
  • 1 year in jail

It happened to be a post on my Facebook news feed so I checked out some of the comments to see what other people thought and it seemed to be 50/50. People saying that burning the flag falls under their 1st amendment right to free speech and others saying it shouldn't. Some people even saying it's an act of terrorism. Now, I don't know about that but it is a disrespectful act and my thought is, if you don't like it here, leave. No one is keeping you here. I think it should be a punishable offense but maybe not to the extent of the proposed punishments.

What say you?