I was stopping by the hardware store, and was craving a sammich and some fries, so I stopped in to Grandma's Kitchen (amazing egg salad there, by the dubs). And I found THIS sign!

I took a the picture, went inside, and they were chuckling, asking what I was doing out there. I said, "That sign! It's a blog! It's also so wrong! How do people NOT know it's wrong to bring outside drinks into a restaurant?

"You wouldn't believe what people try to get away with!" on gal said. Another said, "Some try to bring in food!"

Really? REALLY?!?! Food and drink is their primary business...what on earth is going on in your head that makes it OK to bring in your own stuff?

TOTAL DISCLAIMER: I'm not including hot sauces you love. Hot sauce people I know (my brother-in-law, for example), ask before they use it. That I get. A small thing, something they wouldn't offer, and you're asking for permission.

But you bring a big ol' soda in?

Do these people also bring their own movie into a movie theater?

If you're one of the people that do this...stop it. You're making the rest of us look like a bunch of dough-heads.