I've always been fascinated by Barbra Streisand.  Not because of her talent, but because she insists she is not a diva.  Maybe she's not, however YEARS of evidence to the contrary continue to pile up.  And there's nothing cuter than a diva proclaiming she's "normal and boring" just like everyone else!

The latest example has Babs voicing her frustration with Siri over Siri's incorrect pronunciation of the name "Streisand."  Siri pronounces that second S as a "Z" instead of a S.  Barbra "StreiZand"  was so upset about it, she contacted the head of Apple, Tim Cook, and asked him to fix it.  He did; or at least he will next month when a new update is released.

The bigger point is this: doesn't Siri mispronounce almost EVERYONE'S name?  She makes Rabe into one syllable instead of two and McCray sounds like "mac-ray."  Where is a little old radio DJ like me to turn?  The Google robots tell me I can actually 'train' Siri to say my name correctly but truth be told, I'm more concerned about being called late to dinner than I am being called "MacRay."