On the morning show today we were talking about skydiving and it lead us to wonder if there's a place near Rochester, MN to try skydiving. So I did a little research and there is a place I found in southern Minnesota for you adrenaline junkies!

I've thought about trying skydiving before but I'm not sure if I'll ever actually do it. I thought I would really love scuba diving but then when I went to get certified I had a massive panic attack after getting in the water. So I think if I got on the plane and was about to jump I may pee my pants! But it does look like an insane time.

If you're braver than me and want to try skydiving, there's a spot in southern Minnesota where you can go. It's called Skydive Northstar and it's over in Waseca. So it's about an hour from Rochester but surprisingly I didn't find any that were closer than that. Plus an hour isn't too bad, you could always make a day of it.

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You can experience skydiving here in two ways: one is doing it in tandem with a professional (which is what I'd do) or if you're feeling crazy you can take a class to be able to skydive solo. They offer first-time classes and their May classes are coming up on May 7th and May 21st. There are some in June, July, and August as well. The goal of the classes is to get you ready to take your first solo skydive at the end. I'll pass on that one but maybe that's your thing!

If you're thinking 'I don't know, this might be too much for me' there's also an indoor skydiving place in Minneapolis called iFLY. Basically, you get into a big vertical wind tunnel and you 'fly' in the tunnel for a while like you're skydiving. I've heard it's super fun! That's also a good option if you're afraid of heights but still want to give skydiving a try.

Speaking of being afraid of heights, there's a Wisconsin home for sale that has a crazy guest house. If you're scared of heights you won't want to stay there. Keep scrolling for pictures.

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