While the winds battered Michigan, mother nature got busy creating breathtaking natural sand sculptures along the shores of Lake Michigan.

In the midst of chaotic and frustrating times that have friends, coworkers, and even families divided, Mother Nature reminds us of the beauty that can be found all around.

Photographer Joshua Nowicki said that the rounded ones at Silver Beach in Saint Joseph, Michigan were caused by the high winds blowing the sand and carving into the beach. The sand needs to be damp for this to occur. Once the sun shines on them and drys them out they crumble.

Joshua went on to say that the pointier ones from Warren Dunes are also the result of wind blowing sand but a bit different. The wind blows the sand over the dune and on the calm side the dry sand slides down and carves out the sand. Again, damp sand is needed, and once they dry out they crumble.

Seeing them form in real-time might be the most soothing moment many of us have this week. A reminder of no matter hard we try to shape our world, the natural beauty of the world around us is ever-changing and can't be stopped.

I have seen both formations before it is not often also the scale is different especially for the ones at Warren Dunes. I have seen small sections of the backside of the dune-like that every once and a while but this was a very large area. I did go out on both days looking for wind-sculpted sand. Never sure exactly what I will find but usually I find something of interest. ~Joshua Nowicki

Beautiful Sand Sculptures Made As The Winds Battered The Lake Michigan Shoreline

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