A conversation with MnDOT MIke (Mike Dougherty) about how snow plows. Any questions you have about plows, he answers here. And then, in the end, is the Easter Egg of Snow Space Management, where he gives us the snow hack to keep the plow from leaving a holy mess in your driveway.

Can't watch the video?

If you're standing in front of your driveway, look to your left. That is the GOLDEN SPOT. You want to clear out a BIG space. As big as you can make it, so when the pow comes down the road, it fills THAT space with all the snow, not your driveway.

As a kid growing up in Northern Michigan, this wouldn't have worked for us because we didn't have any space on either side to keep clear. Our next door neighbor did, but they could afford to hire a guy to come plow their driveway every snowstorm.

Sometimes he'd take pity on us kids shoveling the frozen ice snump (snow-hump...that'd been sitting there under the sun all day) and push it all out of the way for us. That was a great thing. Seriously. 2 hours of work cut down to five minutes push time. I don't remember his name, but I still have love in my heart for him.

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