I love to cook, and I love pasta, and over the years, I've probably spent 8,000 minutes boiling pasta.  And never was there a minute that I thought, "Sheesh!  Boil, cook, drain, rinse...TOO MANY STEPS!  We can put a man on the moon, and a gazillion songs on a tiny thumb drive, but we can't cut out one of these steps?"

Which is why I called this blog, "Solving A Problem I Do Not Have."  I saw this on the shelf and instantly became Old Man River!

Old Man River is the old man in me that loves to comment on new stuff like this. Especially 'time saving" stuff.  OMR would say something like...

"What in TARNATION is going on here??? When I was a kid, we boiled the water, we drained the pasta, and THEN we added the sauce! That's the way it was, and dang nabbit, that's the way it SHOULD be! Are you people to precious to drain pasta?  Why, in MY day, we begged to drain the pasta! I remember one time, the school marm came t'supper, and there in our finery, we got into a knife fight to decide who would be LUCKY ENOUGH to drain the spuhgetti!

As I recall, I won that day, the battlefield strewn with the crying and whimpering of my 12 sisters and brothers that dared challenge my steel!  Which was fine with me, that just meant more food for me! Well, to be honest, I felt bad about little Herbert, at two he hadn't had the training the rest of us had, paw shouldn'ta let him in the ring. Oh, those were the days.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. BAH!  You can keep your quick cook pasta, your rock and roll music and your texting machines!  If draining pasta is too much for you, I don't wanna know ya! Now, where'd I put those Werther's..."

And don't even get him started on the box of short spaghetti, where they basically do the breaking in two for you.