I admit it, I may have peeled a sticker or two on one of these guys way back when. When I was like five, out of pure frustration because I couldn't solve the darn thing. Remember how they had other things too, not just the CUBE, but those funky florescent colored snakes? Sometimes, besides peeling stickers, you could actually disassemble it and put it back together...  yeah, I suppose that IS cheating.  Hey, I was maybe five. 

There was a guy who went around to different locations having people and animals try to solve the Rubik's cube.  Take a look:

I don't really get the guy in England, with the birthday cake smeared all over him?  Or how about the monkey?  I guess you had to be there.  The guy who did this spent almost an entire year with his buddy the cube and decided to ask everyone along the way to try their luck at solving it.