It's not that I've ever encountered any, porcupines that is, have you?  If you do by some chance come across one, do not do this.  This fella had a hell-of-a day... woah!

The above video tells the story.  The guy lives in Brazil, his name is Antonio Rodrigues Mororo.  He ended up with 400 sharp quills stuck in his hand that had to be removed by Doctors...  he's still recovering and has holes in his hands now.  Have you ever had any crazy events like this happen to you?

I will tell on myself.  It was not a porcupine, but a staple.  I had a staple gun and was working on a project, that, now that I look back at it, was kind of stupid.  I was doing some work on my really old fixer-upper house in the basement.  I was trying to fix one of the rooms in the basement up cheaply and had been talking to a friend of mine who was doing some electrical work for me in that room.  Yes, he was a certified electrician.  He said to me, "I have an idea if you want to try it, to fix up the ceiling here."  Of course, I asked him what his idea was.  He told me, well, if you get some really high-grade nice cardboard, you could staple it to these boards in the ceiling and then paint it all with textured paint and make it look like a really nice ceiling.  I thought to myself, HMMM... ok. Yeah I tried it.   I stapled my thumb to the ceiling.  It hurt, but I survived.  This was nothing like the porcupine, but... there is my stupid story. I still remember standing on the chair with my thumb stapled to the ceiling crying out for help and the pain, and the laughter that followed after I yanked my hand off of the ceiling.  Do you have one?