The Boston Marathon took place on Monday, October 11th. It's impressive to qualify for the Boston Marathon, it's just as amazing to even finish the Boston Marathon but this Rochester, Minnesota woman didn't just do that, she got first place in her entire age group!

Rochester resident Gwen Jacobson had just recently run the London Marathon the week before. She told KTTC that in that race she ran her personal best time so that's already something to celebrate. Then she got to the Boston Marathon with the goal of getting in the top three in her age group.

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She said that the day of the Boston Marathon she thought to herself, "'well, feel pretty rested, I am going to give it my all today.'" And boy did it pay off for her. Gwen got a time of 3 hours and 23 minutes on her marathon which earned her first place in the 60-64 age group. And it's not a small age group either, she was the top runner out of 353 runners in the age group with her.

Not only is her first-place finish impressive, but the number of marathons she's done in her life is also impressive. This Boston Marathon is Gwen's 84th marathon! That's crazy!

Now if you're thinking "man, I don't remember the Boston Marathon being in October before", you'd be correct, the Boston Marathon isn't usually in October. The big race typically takes place in April but got pushed to October for this year. Next year, however, they plan to move the race back to the typical April race.

You can find KTTC's interview with Gwen HERE.

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