It's not often we see a donut so well protected from the world around it. This is a something you'll tell your children about.

Every week Tom Ostrom grabs a couple cups of coffee from my studio pot (I make really good coffee -- pat pat pat), and in return, brings me a li'l something now and then.

Today it was an extremely well protected donut. And no wonder. It was delicious.

Some might say it is too much. And I say, there is no such thing as too much when it comes to donuts and donut protection. If you're attacked by a marauding band of angry aardvarks, you shouldn't have to think about your donut protection. You need to act, and act quickly, for aardvarks are known for their cunning.

Why, who doesn't remember the Aardvark Uprising of '22? It was in all the history books, and History made a 16 part miniseries detailing each towns eventual takeover by Tsar Varky.