Eagle Scouts are generally very driven people. The projects they do often are incredible and can take a long period of time to accomplish. One Eagle Scout from Redwood Falls just did something that few have ever done, earned all of the merit badges possible. 

19-year-old Matt Lindbo of Redwood Falls pulled off a feat that’s rarely been accomplished since the Boy Scouts of America organization was founded 109 years ago. Lindbo earned every possible merit badge. In case you were wondering there are 137 of them, from archery to wilderness survival. There are so many of them that Lindbo needs multiple sashes to hold them all.

I guess that the Boy Scouts don’t keep an official record of Scouts who have earned every merit badge. But Lindbo's scoutmaster, Patrick Rohland, an Eagle Scout himself told the Star Tribune that he had researched it and took a guess that it’s only been done about 350 times. That sounds like a lot, but then you learn that there have been more than 100 million boys who have been Scouts.

I myself was in Scouts, but I only lasted until I received my Swiss Army knife, you know the one, with like 32 different options you can pull out. Then I bailed. Congrats to Matt on his accomplishment!

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