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Tracy and Renee Giza from Northfield, MN are builders, but not like you'd think. They're miniaturists. They build things that are mini in size. And this mother-daughter duo was actually featured on a national TV show along with other miniaturists from around the country.

The passion for building mini things came about when Tracy, the mom in the duo, was 5 and she got her first dollhouse. Instead of playing with the dollhouse, like you'd expect, she decided she wanted to renovate it. She told WCCO, "'I added a whole other level to the dollhouse. That was my first construction basically.'"

Actually, their love of miniaturist projects got them on a national TV show called “The Biggest, Little Christmas Showdown” in New York City. They almost won the competition too! These two are incredibly creative. An example WCCO gives is "sometimes, material used for a roof in one project becomes a lamp shade for another."

Tracy and Renee's goal is to be able to create miniaturist projects that look as real as possible. Currently, they're working on a project for Make-a-Wish. The project is for a 4-year-old battling cancer named Lydia. Tracy and Renee are building a mini house to be put in Lydia's renovated bedroom.

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