Last year I had a special request to read the school lunch menu on the air. Just like radio stations did in the old days. It was old school, it was a great filler for some morning shows, and kids loved knowing what was coming.

Now, that info is available in 20 different places, but for one morning I took you back to the old days with a Special Rochester Public and Private School Lunch Announcement.



Big Mouthful
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School lunches started back in 1933, as a way to feed kids as part of the New Deal. It employed people to prepare and serve the meal, plus it bought up surplus food from the farmers, which helped keep prices up.

This is a picture of a couple of students in a New York kindergarten around 1950. The school was among the first to serve hot lunches. I love that they have placemats. Imagine the mess now if they tried that!


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What was your favorite school lunch?

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