I can't even juggle, but this person can juggle a jingle!  I will never understand all of the wild and crazy things that some people can do.  This is a pretty unique talent!

A couple of months ago I went up to the Minnesota Renaissance festival with my mother and my daughter, and we watched this fella on the tightrope.   It's funny, because my mom and I had been walking around for a while that day, and we found a bench to sit down behind the stage his show was set to start at in just a few minutes.   Neither one of us was aware of how fantastic it was going to be and we ended up having a front row seat to witness it, just as he was getting started!  We were just sitting down to rest our legs, and were treated to this man with a ladder, a tightrope and fire.   His daughter even got up on the wire and walked.

After the performance was over, both mom and I decided it was the best show we had seen all day!  I got to thinking to myself, his poor wife.   Do you suppose she worries about her man and daughter? The little girl you see in this video did a walk on the rope during part of his show. As a mother myself, I do have to say I chomped on my fingernails during that time, she is such a beautiful pretty girl!   I was ready to catch her, and I was sitting close enough at the time, thankfully I didn't have to!  It looks so dangerous, but his sense of control was unbelievable!   Yes, he really is standing on a ladder that is on fire, juggling, on a tight rope and even standing on only one leg.   DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!

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