Unique places to stay are always my favorite. They give pretty cool pictures when you leave plus they typically give you a very unique experience as well. An Airbnb that I discovered recently is up in northern Minnesota where you can spend the night with the chickens on their chicken farm.

No, the chickens won't be cuddling with you. But one of the two homes you can stay in at this farm is a tiny home right in the middle of the chicken pasture. You'll even get a huge window to see into the chicken coop. That one's called The Nest. If that's not your thing, there's another nice spot you can stay on the farm called The Perch. But with both options, you can also spend some time learning about running a mid-size farm and helping with some chores (which includes spending time with the chickens and their farm dog).

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Keep scrolling for pictures of these two unique places! Also, if you're interested in the farm life, I also have pictures of a cow farm that you can spend the night at in Iowa.

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Spend the Night with Chickens at Unique Minnesota Airbnb

I always enjoy looking at unique places to stay and typically I find them on Airbnb. This place up in northern Minnesota called AirB-n-BAWK gives you the chance to spend the night right next to the chickens on the farm and you can help with farm chores. There are two different homes you can stay in here called The Nest and The Perch.

Sleep With Cows at Unique Airbnb in Northern Iowa

At New Day Dairy, a dairy farm in Clarksville, Iowa, they have a unique Airbnb you can stay in. In this Airbnb, you get to "sleep" with the cows! Not really, but you share the same building with them. The Airbnb is connected to the cow barn with big windows where you can watch the cows go about their day.

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