It's Star Wars Day! If you're usually outta the loop, and so are your friends, these facts will make you the hip one in the place! If you find any mistakes, comment with the correction, please!

  • The OG title for the movie was "Adventures of Luke Starkiller". Then it was going to be "The Star Wars", then they dumped "the" and Starkiller was changed to Luke Skywalker and the world is good.
  • George Lucas came up with Chewbacca from his dog, taht would ride shotgun like a navigator.  Probably a better navigator than m.  Bee-tea-DUBS, the dog's name was Indiana, which is where Indiana Jones came from.  I guess I'm, glad he didn't name his dog Galaxian Honey Badger.  No, wait, that would be awesome!
  • Do you know where Yoda is from?  LIAR!  George Lucas hasn't said, but when Luke found him in "The Empire Strikes Back", he was living on Dagobah.
  • The Ewoks say, "Who needs this PLANET living...that stuff is for the birds!"  They live on a moon, called Endor, from the name of a village in the Old Testament. Endor is also in the Lord of the Rings, BUT, why bother with the LOTR when you have Star Wars?
  • The name "Ewoks" was inspired by a tribe in California called the Miwoks.