Obviously, the election didn't go as expected for some. In just the few short hours since Trump's win, I've seen so much hate on my Facebook news feed. People are angry.

The things people need to remember are:

  • The sun still came up
  • You're still alive
  • You still live in the greatest country in the world
  • There are so many beers to choose from (ok, that one's for me)

Last night, Stephen Colbert summed up exactly how you and I should feel after an election, regardless of who won.

A friend of mine (Bret) shared a post on Facebook that said:

"We are all Americans. The great division that exists is not because of Donald Trump. It was not going to get better because of Hillary Clinton. The world is not going to end because of who we elected. You can complain about it - it's your right. But at the end of the day, if you work hard, be humble, and treat others with respect, we can all make America great again. A clear message was sent last night, and it's not that the country is full of racist, homophobic, misogynistic white people, it's that a big chunk of the country is sick and tired of BS politics and career politicians. Today, don't unfriend people on social media. Don't tell them to "F off" like I've seen multiple times today, instead try to understand why this happened. Try to have a civil dialogue for a change. Don't mope around wondering what is wrong with the world, instead get outside and do something fun. Life is too short not to enjoy it while it lasts."