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Stewartville, MN (KROC AM News) - A Stewartville business is reporting an unusual loss - the theft of a large number of used truck brake shoes.

The theft at the Allstate Peterbilt business was discovered Monday morning.


Missing were 300 pairs of used truck brake shoes valued at $9,000. An Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office investigator was told the parts can be recycled.

A review of the business surveillance system showed an older model gray Ford F-150  pickup enter the site around 10:15 pm Sunday. It left and returned half an hour later and that’s when a man could be seen loading the shoes into a trailer attached to his truck.


It was also learned Monday the Allstate Peterbilt business in Clear Lake, Iowa was hit by a thief or thieves over the weekend and the loss was much higher.

Among the property stolen from the business - a 55-foot long trailer and high-end parts and equipment, including a $13,000 transmission.

It’s not known if the man in the Stewartville theft was involved in the Iowa case.

News update:  Homeless Rochester man arrested for robbing convenience store.

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