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Last week we learned about Stewartville, Minnesota's Sledding Mail Carrier. A short video went viral showing him sledding with some kids (scroll down to see the video that started it all). Now we have The Zoom interview so you can get to know what makes a sledding public servant tick...

The mom's name is Katie Bunne (pronounced like the Easter Bunny) and the mailman her family has grown to love is Stewartville's Peter Bruening, United States Postal Service mail carrier for almost 30 years.

In that time he's found a way to get kids out of their house to play when the weather is nice, watched out for the older folks on his route, and sounds like he saved a life, too. What do you have to have inside to help you find the joy in life each day?  For Pete it's as simple as the joy he gets from them.

From the video: "I probably look more forward to seeing them than they do me!"

Click play to meet this wonderful, thoughtful, and kind role model. If you'd like to read the automatically generated transcript, click here. 

One more quick thing...in the video, Pete thinks it's just going to be the two of us, but then Katie Bunne and her kids jump in to thank him. You won't want to miss it.

Something from the previous story needs to be repeated...what Katie told me about her mail carrier.  asked Katie tell me about Pete. Here's what she said,

...Pete makes time for kids...no matter what neighborhood he is in. He doesn’t get annoyed of them crowding around the mailbox, but instead has a little conversations with them that makes them feel like he cares!

Pete is such a big part of our day that no matter what we are doing we include him:

-making valentines for school “get one for Pete “

-Christmas gifts -“get one for Pete “

-making cookies “save a few for Pete”

-grocery shopping “we better get something for Pete”

Pete is an example of how a simple smile, hello, and a little conversation can brighten a child/persons Day! (and a sometimes a piece of candy)

The community of Stewartville blessed to be served by a mailman like Pete ♥️

In case you missed the video that started it all...

Pete, thank you so much from everyone in Southeastern Minnesota that that knows it takes a lot of people to make a community great. And, it take a great person, to make that community special. That's you, Pete. Thank you!

Last week we also heard about the Hopscotching UPS Guy...and last Friday, he called the show...hear that conversation here!


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