This is just...awesome!

When I worked in the JCPenney Men's Department, it never occurred to me to ask for the monthly in-store music tapes. Mark Davis worked at K-Mart and he thought about it. In fact, he did what I never dreamed possible. From 1989 - 1993, the in-store music tape would arrive from corporate, they'd play it, and when it was time to switch to the new tape, he'd put the old tape in his pocket and take it home.

In all, 56 cassettes made it home and each one is it's own time capsule with horrible elevator music and K-Mart Specials announced every couple songs. The pitches and the sale items changed over the years, and the prices...well, they're kind of a shock, too..




So, thank you, Mark. Thank you for the time it took to upload this awesomeness...and give us a trip back in time.