It's a necessary evil.  I can deal with construction here.  Sure, you have to allow some extra time, maybe even take a different route.  What I don't like is the unforeseen detours when you are on a trip or vacation in a foreign area. There is however one area of work this morning in Rochester. 

The traffic ramp from Civic Center Drive NW to Highway 52 North is going to be repaired.  The guardrail in 13 areas and some traffic poles were damaged due to vehicle crashes this past winter.   They plan to fix it soon, the closure began at 7 a.m. this morning.

I have had the experience of being in a place I was not fully familiar with and lost due to construction.  One time, I was driving  not too far away, in Iowa.  I was on my way back from Missouri with my mom, and even though I had my GPS system directing me, I got lost.  Construction.  I swear I was in the middle of no-where with no clue of where to go.  The construction was not even registering on my GPS device, so I kept guessing and turning in the general direction of north.  It seemed that any detour signs to get me back to the road were non-existent and I just could not figure this out, and I had no where to stop and even ask.  I did not ever think I was going to find my way back to familiar territory, but about an hour later, I spotted a water tower.  I did at that point ask where I was, and it turns out I was not too far away from a main highway so I could get myself back on track.   That was a really long drive.   I can handle an orange barrel or two in this part of the country. Just don't stick them in my path when I have no idea where I am.