This is a first for me. No, not the picture of John Sievers, from the D'Sievers hanging out with me in the Y-105FM studio. But scroll down, and you'll see something magical. It may look like just a video of a boom box, but it is so much more. 

I've worked in radio since I was 16. I've played everything from country to classical, and have always enjoyed every style of music (Except polka. Do. Not. Like. Polka.). People are always asking about my favorites. Favorite singers, bands, type of music, etc.

But no one ever asks for what I'm listening to now. I wish they would, because tho I have favorites, I try new music constantly. And by that, I mean new to me. Maybe new to me is 50 years old, or two years old.

So...what am I listening to right now? The D'Sievers.

So it was cool to find this on the Facebooks. What the boom box is playing was recorded when the picture up top was taken. It's about a first time music event on Sunday the 24th.