Mankato, MN (KROC-AM News) - A group pushing for funding to complete the conversion of Highway 14 into a four-lane freeway between Rochester and New Ulm released a report Thursday that found support for increasing Minnesota's gas tax to pay for transportation needs.

The U.S. Highway 14 Partnership surveyed nearly 700 residents of communities along the Highway 14 corridor and found over 64-percent indicated support for an increase in the gas tax with the revenues dedicated to highways and roads. 76-percent of the respondents back the use of a local sales tax in the Twin Cities area to fund an expansion of the light rail system.  In addition, the survey found over 62-percent of the respondents are opposed to using general fund dollars currently directed to areas such as education or health and human services to fund transportation needs.

The partnership conducted the poll to draw attention to transportation funding issues as voters prepare to elect members of the State Legislature in the November general election.

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