Sometimes there are stories that pop up on my radar that I'm not sure should be considered 'news worthy.'  Last week, posted a map showing the temperature that each state's average citizen considers to be cold enough to pull on a sweater.

Sweater weather, if you will.  Or as the girls from the SNL skit taught us,

I'm not sure this is a fair call to make. I do appreciate that it shows how thin-blooded the folks in the desert are and how opposed to snuggly sweaters the icy-veined South Dakotans can be.

Of course it's all relative, isn't it?  Take this survey again in January and you'll probably be able to shave 20 degrees off that 55 to be considered 'sweater weather.' Heck, at 55 degrees in January, I'm usually looking for capris or shorts to wear!

Anyway, here is how I determine if it's sweater weather.  Did I eat too much chocolate, pie, and/or triple mix popcorn the day before?  Then it's probably sweater weather so that I can leave my pants unbuttoned and no one will notice.