Here we are:  swimsuit season.  I'm not too proud of my spare tire, but that's never kept me from hitting the beach in a pair of trunks.  And no matter how hard I try, I'll never get my legs tan...even after spending many a day soaking up the sun at Foster Arend beach.

Are you self-conscious about wearing bathing suits?

According to a new survey, 7% of Americans haven't worn a swimsuit in public in at least FIVE YEARS.

20% haven't worn one in public in 10 years.

And 5% have NEVER worn one in public.

That's one out of three people who haven't worn a bathing suit in public since 2009.

Maybe we should all move to Europe, where there's absolutely no stigma about jamming the fleshiest body into the tiniest bathing suit possible....or maybe, we could all be a little less self-conscious.

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